The “Adventureland” starlet looked positively gorgeous

Stepping out for a media appearance, Kristen Stewart was spotted at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show last night (November 10).

The “Adventureland” starlet looked positively gorgeous as she chatted about her upcoming flick “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1,” most notably her sex scene with Robert Pattinson.

When Kimmel pressed her for details of the steamy situation, Kristen blurted out an interesting fact about Pattinson- “He’s the thruster, not me!”

Miss Stewart also shared her thoughts on the birthing scene- “I was so excited. It’s so intense, as a normal birth would be. But this was even more so.”

As for the movie’s wedding, “It felt too real. Maybe it feels this way at normal weddings, but it wasn’t just about me and him.”

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